Saturday, 31 December 2016

Giovanni Bussei

Giovanni Bussei, ex Ducati superbike racer and currently superstylin' in the S2 World Supermoto Series, anyone rocking a daisy design on their helmet and gold fringed leathers gets my vote for King of cool especially when they disregard the 'traditional' foot-down, mx style of riding for full on knee down hooliganism, check out the S2 races on YouTube to see what I mean........

Friday, 30 December 2016

Remove Sticker Before Use

Wotcha, welcome to the drty_nails blogspot, if you have arrived here courtesy of the old loveless engineering blog then you pretty much know what to expect, lots of motorcycle related stuff, project bikes, track days, a bit of motorcycle related engineering, events I attend and perhaps even the odd race report if I get my arse in gear and get around to reapplying for my race licence.
      I must admit that I had 'run out of steam' with the old blog and it was either start again and freshen it up a tad or just jack it in once and for all, hopefully starting again will inspire me to get posting more regularly and we can perhaps broaden the horizons a little by posting not only my own projects but stuff that I find interesting and I can share with you.
         So, here's a few photos of my new bike, I had such a blast riding the old KTM Prestige Supermoto and with a few quid in my arse pocket after selling the Peaky Blinder/ Not a Ducati Ttf2 Replica it was rude not to trade in my old bike for a six month old KTM 690smc-r! The bike is the latest spec, beautiful matt orange anodised Akront aluminium rims, WP adjustable forks and rear shock, four-pot Brembo Radial caliper and mappable ignition, the engine is the updated LC4, water cooled, twin plugged and punting out 67 bhp in standard trim, the throttle is 'fly-by-wire' and it boasts Bosch ABS (although there is a dongle available which turns off the rear brake abs and let's you back it in for the full fat Supermoto experience).
       KTM have really gone to town with this bike, top drawer components including a slipper clutch fitted as standard and a magnesium rocker cover to shave off weight but sadly let down by the cheapest fasteners ever seen on a production motorcycle, the majority are 'twin drive' a combination of torx and hexagon headed bolts which I appreciate aids the assembly process, but, the bloody finish is appalling! Cheap cad plating that furs up the second it meets any kind of moisture, not good when the majority of machines are serious mx/off-road tackle and unforgivable on the top of the range 1290 Superduke R which I spied outside a local dealers when I was collecting oil and filters. Come on KTM sort it out, you are spoiling the ship for a ha'penny of tar, so, one of the first jobs was to replace the majority of fasteners with good quality stainless items, machined up so all makers marks and numbers are removed and 'coned' or 'tapered' for the full-on 'loveliness' effect, I also must confess to spunking a few shillings on some Powersports 'bling' yes, yes, I know, don't beat me up about it! The last purchase was the obligatory Akrapovic titanium and carbon exhaust can that releases a few more ponies and loses a good bit of weight, ( and the dreaded cat )  but left in the spark arrester and baffle as a little research on the forums reckon you maintain good low/midrange power without scaring every cat/dog/horse/north-face-clad-trekking-pole-wankers, sorry I meant to say walkers.... I also reset the map setting to number two or advanced to take full advantage of the beserk power delivery oh yeah and made some carbon heel guards and junked the ungainly plastic OEM items.
      So, ladies and gentlemen, that's how we are rolling in the shed at the moment, next up on the bike-lift is the 690 Duke for some similar treatment unless of course a project turns up in the meantime, thanks for checking me out, comments, criticism or just a healthy dose of extracting the urine are welcome as usual, chin, chin..........