Friday, 10 March 2017


Glue and paint not included. In a land, far, far away I can remember going up Cockpit Hill with my nan and squashing my face against the window of Syd Sharrocks Model Shop to gaze in awe at the display of Airfix Model kits. Downstairs I remember, was fishing tackle, air guns and catapults, but upstairs, up the creaky wooden steps, way beyond the smell of casters and maggots and the balsa wood aeroplanes with tiny-two stroke engines, hanging from twine from the ceiling to simulate flight,  was a real treasure trove of the plastic scale model planes, trains, soldiers, cars and motorcycles all with the fantastic artwork of the legendary Roy Cross.
            Many happy hours spent with my dad, him painstakingly cutting the component parts from the plastic spars, sanding and painting and carefully gluing them together to create miniature replicas of the real thing. All the time I would be gluing my fingers together and sniffing the solvents in the adhesive, how times change!  As I got older and after my old man had taught me to build the kits myself I became quite an accomplished modeller myself. Apparently, the later model boxes had the bombs, bullet traces and rising flame/smoke airbrushed out of the original pictures, I mean, come on, no wonder Airfix sales declined, after all, as an eight year old isn't that what it was all about?


  1. It's a BOMBER, what do people think they're going to achieve airbrushing all the stuff out around the BOMBER, associated with the BOMBER! "Oh god,I've just seen some terrible imagery, where is my safe space?", SLAP!

  2. Ain't that the truth Jan, yes, war is a terrible thing, loss, suffering and pain, but as an eight year old, running around playing war, machining your friends with a stick, 'ratta, ratta, ratta, ratta, ratta!' Falling down dead and then getting up and going in for tea when your mum shouts you in. Thank whichever god you follow that most children don't have to witness the reality of war......